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I take Senior photos that are not like the same, boring photos you've seen year after year.  Your photos will capture your unique personality.


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Lonely Shed

January 15, 2019 This is one of my favorite early photos.  I took this with the original Canon Rebel and the less than spectacular kit lens: the 18-55mm,  I like the lonely look of this like it is out in the middle of nowhere.  It was actually very close to a busy...

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Leaf after a summer rain

January 15, 2019 This is a leaf that fell in the wind from a summer storm.  Shooting rain is different that shooting dew. You have to be ready to photograph as soon as the rain stops to get the best results. A heavy rainfall may not be as interesting as a sprinkle as...

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Tiny Spider

January 15, 2019 This image was taken in Ludington State Park in Ludington Michigan.  I was chasing dragon flies and saw this little guy pop up onto this pine cone. I like the depth of field on this and how it draws your eye to its eyes.

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Spider in the dew

January 12, 2019 I went out one morning to take photographs of the dew and found this stalk.  I took a few stacks of this and went back inside to process them and noticed this tiny spider.  The pictures did not turn out how I wanted so the next morning I went back out...

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